About You

You are a curious, committed person who is ready to unlock what is possible for yourself and the world around you.

Throughout your life, you’ve faced and accomplished a lot. You embody ambition, compassion, and resilience. While some simply seek material success, success to you means something deeper. It’s about true fulfillment, purpose, and freedom. Your journey is evolving, and you know that you are destined for more.

The problem? You’re unsure of what it looks like to get there and can’t pinpoint what’s holding you back. You’re chasing clarity and can’t seem to find enough of it, and are frustrated by familiar patterns that are keeping you stuck. You’re ready to move past your fears and liberate yourself, but you don’t know where to start.

The good news? That restlessness within you is a sign. Transformation requires curiosity, courage, and choice. If you’re ready to be the best leader, creator, and human being that you can be, the choice is yours.

About Me

I am a coach and community builder.

I support entrepreneurs, professionals, and leaders in cultivating alignment and fulfillment in all aspects of their lives. Forming meaningful connections and creating space for people to simply be has always been a part of who I am. When I began my own personal and professional development journey in 2018, I never anticipated that my passion for connection, learning, and self-discovery would evolve into my greatest strength and driving force.

I’ve learned what it feels like to betray myself and others in my life, to live in a state of complete detachment from my emotions and body, to shame myself into shrinking and staying in the shadows, and to act daily from a place of I am not enough.

I’ve also learned what it feels like to honor my needs and my word, to find peace in being fully present, to step into my power and share my gifts openly, and to be in action daily to lead a fulfilled, purposeful life.

I’ve felt the freedom that comes with new ways of thinking, acting, and being. My continued commitment to this work has led me to more ease and abundance than I ever thought possible. My mission is to help other committed beings become their most authentic and extraordinary selves.

How I Got Here

Transformation is not about arrival.

I share my story to show you that transformation is an ever-evolving journey that requires curiosity and courage. No path to success is linear, and we have the power to choose who we want to be and how we want to live.


New York, NY
  • Experienced burnout for the first time.
  • Entered a 3-year abusive relationship.
  • First counseling session.
  • Diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) and persistent depressive disorder (PDD).


New York, NY
  • Compromised my well-being for my work and education.
  • Retreated from many important relationships in my life.
  • Struggled with continued anxiety, depression and emotional dysregulation.
  • Battled an eating disorder.


New York, NY
  • Continued to choose the emotionally abusive relationship.
  • Relied on unhealthy coping mechanisms.
  • Hit “rock bottom” and knew I needed to make a change.
  • Began healing from my eating disorder.


New York, NY
  • Started therapy (for real) with a trusted medical professional.
  • Ended the abusive relationship.
  • Learned to set boundaries with myself and others.
  • Pivoted my career path.


New York, NY / Boulder, CO
  • Experienced a major trauma (SA).
  • Deepened my commitment to healing in ways I never had before.
  • Focused on my relationship with myself and loved ones.
  • Made significant advancements in my career.


Boulder, CO
  • Experienced burnout for the second time.
  • Continued investing in my healing and spirituality.
  • Rebuilt trust in myself and my intuition.
  • Recognized that my therapeutic relationship was toxic and harmful.


Boulder, CO / New York, NY
  • Broke free from the therapeutic relationship, started EMDR.
  • Started a new job in Big Four Tech and doubled my income.
  • Moved back to my beloved city of New York.
  • Rebuilt my community and connections in New York.


New York, NY
  • Focused on slowing down and returning to myself in mind, body and soul.
  • Expanded my network and capacity to give and receive.
  • Invested in retreats and career coaching, explored more healing modalities.
  • Increased my income and career capital exponentially.


New York, NY
  • Investing in coaching and leadership development.
  • Playing for the love of the game.
  • Pursuing my passion for working with heart-centered and conscious individuals.
  • Enjoying fulfillment and freedom with deep gratitude.
The time for transformation is now.

When we let go of what we are, we become what we might be.

We will co-create a space of transformation. My practice is completely unique to you and who you are becoming. You speak, I listen, and together we get clear on what you really want and who you need to be to get there.

From this foundation of understanding, we will align your actions with the future you desire, breaking away from default patterns that keep you on a path informed by your past.

I will help you expand — bringing your goals, dreams, and visions into reality now. If you are committed to discovering what you might be with a life that is purposeful, prosperous, and powerful, you're ready to work with me.

As above, so below.

Our inner world creates our outer world.

Together we will explore your inner world with compassion and curiosity, using tools informed by science, psychology, and spirituality to transform your outer world. The tools I implement come from years of commitment and financial investment in working with and learning from renowned psychologists, coaches, business leaders, and spiritual teachers.

Identity Exploration

Exploring who you are being today and who you want to become.

Mindset Expansion

Expanding your ability to try on new perspectives and philosophies.

Powerful Visioning

Connecting to the future you are consciously creating.

Systems Design

Evaluating and shifting your systems to get the results you want.

Leadership Development

Leveraging data-backed conscious leadership frameworks to transform the way you lead.

Values Alignment

Creating clarity on your values and how you can choose to live by them.

Commitment creates impact.

Commitment is what transforms promise into reality.

Your word is more powerful than any contract or document. When you commit to working with me, you are devoting time, energy, and resources to creating a life far beyond your current scope. Your commitment is creating a new way of being that will impact and inspire everyone in your life.

6-Month Commitment

Creating a New Way of Being
  • 12 virtual sessions
  • 2-hour inaugural session, followed by 90-minute bi-weekly sessions
  • Text, voice note, and email access to me
  • Powerful resources and assignments created uniquely for you
  • Personalized Human Design profile and guide to support your transformation

4-Month Commitment

Creating Clarity and Confidence
  • 8 virtual sessions
  • 2-hour inaugural session, followed by 90-minute bi-weekly sessions
  • Text, voice note, and email access to me
  • Powerful resources and assignments created uniquely for you

I Answer Your Questions


What is the difference between coaching and therapy?


Both coaching and therapy use evidence-based practices and tools to support transformation, but there are key differences to consider:

Coaching brings the future you desire into the present, and is designed to support those who are highly committed to unlocking the next level in their personal and professional development. Coaching is about creating a life that excites you every day, leading to long term fulfillment and embodiment of your most authentic self.

Therapy analyzes how your past is impacting your current state of being and future path, and is designed to support those who are navigating deeper challenges such as depression, anxiety, trauma, grief and personality or behavioral disorders. Therapy can serve as a powerful foundation to prepare for coaching.


How do I know if I am ready to invest in coaching?


My coaching practice is designed to create life-long impact, not quick fixes. Transformation requires commitment and consistent action.

If you need medication, get a good psychiatrist.

If you need therapy, get a good psychologist.

If you are ready to unlock remarkable possibilities for yourself and step from a default life into a created life, work with me.

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If you would like to explore coaching, I invite you to connect with me to be in conversation. Our only agenda will be you, exploring what you need, and where you want to go. Serious inquiries are welcome.

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